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You are strolling through an enchanted forest, where you believed the whispering winds carried secrets known only to the trees, when you notice a hooded man sitting at the base of Yggdrasil. Two ravens perched upon his shoulders are cawing at you to come closer. Entranced, you step forward. Odin, the wise god of Norse mythology, cast his one good eye upon your humble, human form. With a knowing smile, he extended his hand, and all twenty-four of the shimmering runes, glowing with ethereal power, materialized as cards before you. They floated gently into your outstretched palm, filling you with a sense of ancient knowledge and deep connection to the cosmos. The Enchanted Runes Oracle is now spread out in front of you, the ravens still cawing in the background. Your hand now hovered over the deck before feeling a source of energy to draw forth a card. It was as if the very cosmos held its breath in that moment, for the chosen card would unveil the secrets of the seeker's destiny. You turn the card over, and the rune tied to your fate is..?  

What card will you draw?  

About the Oracle

This is a hand painted, all original, 24 card oracle deck that took me a little over a year to create.


Step into the mystical world of the Elder Futhark with this enchanted oracle series of twenty-four runes. Each card in this deck is meticulously hand painted to embody the essence of each runic symbol, bringing forth their timeless wisdom and energy. Let them serve as guidance and knowledge, offering profound insights into the human journey. Embark on a transformative voyage into the heart of yourself and of these sacred symbols. Whether you're a seasoned divination practitioner or a curious novice, these cards will serve as your guiding light, offering clarity and enlightenment in times of uncertainty. The Enchanted Runes Oracle Deck is more than a divination tool; it's a passport to the wisdom of the ancients, a source of guidance for the modern soul, and a portal to enchantment awaiting your discovery. 

Enchanted Runes Oracle Deck

What's Included

The twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark were created into twenty-four unique acrylic paintings to produce the Enchanted Runes Oracle Deck. Each one has its own style! I feel like this gives the individual card its own energy in a way. I hold each rune so close, so I wanted them to feel different, enchanting, mesmerizing, special, and to each have their own captivating and symbolic imprint.   

This deck will include:  

-24 Gold Gilt-Edged Cards 

-Extensive, 89 Page, Full Color Guidebook  

-Laminated Magnetic (flip-to-the-left) Book Style Oracle Box  

-Cards measure 3.5” x 5” and are printed on 350gsm paper      with a semi-gloss finish  

-Book includes a Rune Chart to learn to write and read in      Runes + Rune Birthday Chart 

-Book also includes a "How to Use" section and has some beginner and intermediate spreads you can use. 


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