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  • What are the methods of payment?
    -Credit Cards/Debit Cards -Apple Pay -Google Pay - Afterpay (pay in increments)
  • Would like me to be part of an event?
    Yes! Please reach out to me with the events information and I will let you know if I am available. I am able to do the following: -10x10 Booth Setup -Table Setup -Live Painting -Gallery Work
  • Want a different sized print?
    If you would like a larger sized print, I can definitely do that for most of my artworks. Please reach out to me with the size you would like with the piece you are interested in. I will get back to you with pricing and we can go from there!
  • Looking to do a commission?
    Unfortunately, at this time I am not offering commission-based work. Please stay tuned, I am looking to open them soon with a limited number of slots available for this year! NOTE: For my commission-based work, please take note of my style and my ideas when considering me for the commission you want done. I have a very vibrant and unique look of my own. For example, I do not normally paint portraits. Another would be that my niche is more whimsical, not really under the style of realism or abstract.
  • Do I design tattoos, or can you get one of my pieces tattooed?
    I do not design tattoos. I would like to respectfully leave that up to the artist that you are going to be having that done from. Can you get one of my artworks tattooed on you? My work is not available to be copied in any way shape or form.
  • How to contact me?
    The best way to reach me is through the "Contact Me" page.
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